8 Watt - Solar Charger

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Camouflage - 4 Panel Solar Charger - Pure Solar Charger To Charge All Devices

This charger has a female connection, which allows you to charge all your devices with pure solar power. A massive 8 Watts (8000 mAh) = 1 x mobile phone charged every 2-3 hours.

Super light weight and compact. This is the must have for every camper, backpacker, adventurer and military enthusiast. Ideal for situations where you need a light equipment load.

This is a Solar Charge only. This charger will charge all of the power banks, on this site as well.

You can connect this with our  Weekender Charger and turn it into a super charging unit.

Will Charge

iPhone 5/6, Samsung,Microsoft,Nokia,Sony, JG,HTC,Blackberry, Toshiba,NEC, Ericsson, Vodafone,Nexus, Motorola, and Micromax Mobile Phones