Bush Country Harvest – Veggies & Quinoa – Gluten Free

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1 x 500g Bush Country Harvest = $18.95 each (+ Delivery)

10 x 500g Bush Country Harvest ( 1x carton) = $162.50 ( $16.25 each) + Delivery


Double serve meal | approximately 500gm each

A delicious vegetable meal that includes corn kernels, red capsicum, chickpeas, tomatoes, sweet potato, zucchini and of course Quinoa!!

This meal is Gluten, Meat and Dairy Free!! Perfect for a Vegetarian or Vegan or as a side meal to one of our other meals!

Of course this meal is delicious on its own, but you can also have it as a side dish with any of our other meals, say maybe a Lamb Shank!!!