Super Rugged Charger

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Rugged (used by emergency services) charger is suitable for all weather conditions.

Fire proof (can take high heats without affecting the lithium battery) , drop proof and water proof with a 30 metres torch, with SOS function.

Perfect for charging all tablets and a mobile phone / cell over 8 times. This is the pure outdoors tough charger that will charge your phone for 7 or more days. With last for over 12 months with out needing re charging.

This is one tough charger that's suitable for all conditions.

Will Charge

iPhone 5/6, Samsung,Microsoft,Nokia,Sony, JG,HTC,Blackberry, Toshiba,NEC, Ericsson, Vodafone,Nexus, Motorola, and Micromax Mobile Phones


Features: Ultralight, Slim
Batteries Cell: 18650
Capacity: 18000 mAh
Input: 5V /1.6A
Output: 5V /1.5A,5V DV/2.4A
Dimensions(W*H*T): 160*89*29mm
Weight: 480g
Colour: Army green