The Weekender

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4 Panel Solar Charger With Power bank.   Never will you need mains power again.

Sits perfectly on your dash board or your 4WD - charge as you drive or walk or walk.

This is the must have for every camper, adventurer and military enthusiast. This solar panel backup with power bank storage, is slightly heavier than our camouflage solar charger, due to the fact, it comes with a 8000 mAh, storage power bank.

In the sun it will provide power and excess power, will recharge its own power bank. You will never be without power. This is our big seller.

You will never need power again with this unit.  Its  a stand alone amazing best seller

Due to the power storage it will keep the inbuilt LED going all night. The LED light is very powerful check out our pictures below.


Will Charge

iPhone 5/6, Samsung,Microsoft,Nokia,Sony, JG,HTC,Blackberry, Toshiba,NEC, Ericsson, Vodafone,Nexus, Motorola, and Micromax Mobile Phones

Power: 5W(peak) input:5V 1A output:1.5A fold able

Size: 179X105X39 mm extended size:550X179X15 mm

Weight: 490g colour:Army Green or Camo