Biwaa Submission 5″ Ghost Perch 3pkt


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Great attention to detail has been taken on the submission plastics. Big 3D eyes, 3D scale pattern and some great colours make these soft plastics stand out from most others on the market.

The big paddletail produces a fast body roll with a twisting tail action. The large split belly opens up jighead and weedless rigging options making them a suitable choice for all structure types.

Available in 4’’, 5’’ and 8’’ which covers all manner of species from flathead, mangrove jacks through to Barramundi, Jewfish and Murray Cod. There is also an 8’’ pre rigged option, which has a strong wire through the plastic with two sets of trebles on the belly. It is sure to be a gun ‘big bait’ option for anglers targeting in Murray Cod and Barramundi.

8″ – 2 per pack

8″ Rigged – 1 per pack

5″ – 3 Per pack (one pre rigged with a weighted worm hook)

4″ – 4 per pack


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18 Roach

08 Sexy Shad

07 Watermellon

GP Ghost Perch

GG Ghost Gill


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