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The BRAND NEW Companion AquaHeat Lithium Gas Shower is the shower to have. Instead of needing an external 12V power source or sunshine to heat the water, this shower operates off an integrated rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery & gas to heat the water being circulated through the unit via the included brushless pump, providing 60-120 minutes of run time off a single charge gives you plenty of charge to be away for an extended holiday. This shower is perfect for those who go off the beaten track as well as you don’t need any leads. Providing up to 30 degrees Celsius of temperature lift this unit has the ability to increase the incoming temperature of the water by 30 degrees to a maximum of 50 degrees Celsius. Water output is at a rate of 2L per minute so you will always feel fresh after a bike ride, day hiking or even just a day sitting by the fire.

The Companion AquaHeat Lithium Gas Shower can be recharged in 4-5hrs from flat, allowing you to recharge quickly and continue your holiday. The shower can also be charged when in use via a DC Lead or AC adaptor (sold separately).

The Companion Carry bag for Aero/Aqua Heat Hot Water System is not included and is sold separately.

The Companion AquaHeat Lithium Gas Shower is the shower to buy if you want high temperatures of water at a great flow rate and have a very generous shower time.


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