FC Rock 70m F/Carbon 25lb


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Sunline FC Rock Fluorocarbon fishing leader has been purposely designed for light game fishing in both Salt and Fresh Water.

Sunline FC Rock fishing leader is 100% Fluorocarbon and is treated with a triple resin coating along with a double spooling process that makes FC Rock super smooth and easy to handle.

Sunline FC Rock is clear in colour and is used by many Bream and Bass tournament anglers in Australia in the lighter strains and has had a proven success rate at highest level of tournament fishing.

Sunline FC Rock has also proven itself for land based Rock fisherman and for those who love to tangle with those hard pulling reef species with its superior abrasion resistance FC Rock fluorocarbon fishing leader line offers great bang for your buck.


Great knot strength
High sensitivity
Triple resin processing
Excellent abrasion resistance
NOTE: price is for 1 spool only and prices vary depending on which size you choose when ordering from us. updated price will display when you select a size from our order menu.


100 metre size spools (From strains 4lb to 20lb)
70 metre size spools in 30lb
50 metre size spool in 40lb or 50lb

4lb 0.165mm
6lb 0.205mm
8lb 0.235mm
10lb 0.260mm
12lb 0.285mm
16lb 0.330mm
20lb 0.370mm
30lb 0.435mm
40lb 0.520mm
50lb 0.570mm

Sunline FC Rock Fluorocarbon fishing leader is about 99.9% invisible to fish in the water this gives you the angler great advantage for catching weary species especially in gin clear water or when the bight is shutdown.
Sunline FC Rock has excellent abrasion resistance with its harder outside shell giving it great Knot strength makes it excellent choice of leader when targeting fish in and around structure.
FC Rock Fluorocarbon fishing leader is a very supple leader unlike many others on the market it’s designed to deliver high sensitivity so you feel every bight tickle and bump down your line.
Sunline FC Rock Fluorocarbon Fishing leader is a great choice if you are a seasoned angler or just a beginner add a spool to your cart and experience the Sunline difference.


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