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The added belly blade is simply mesmerizing, not only does it make the lure look alive, it creates water vibration and provides distinct contrast and flash. Its gliding swimbait action can be easily jerked to rotate 180 degrees, walked, or fished as desired to promote that reaction bite. Rigged with 4X BKK hooks, soft and durable fins, custom 3D eyes and a variety of awesome colors to suit all conditions. The lure itself is slow sinking and has a built-in wire loop under the chin so it is easy to add chin weights if a faster sink rate is required. The front hook is fully wired through to the front tow point so big fish will not be able to crush the lure and escape. Drive it like a sports car, or gracefully retrieved, the PropDuster Glider is a unique presentation that will get you more fish action. Available in 130mm, 165mm, and 200mm.

Slow sinking hybrid Glidebait
Easy to twitch and 180 degree turn
Soft, Durable Fins
Ultra-Sharp and strong BKK hooks
Chin attachment point for extra weight
Metal Belly Blade for color contrast, water vibration and flash


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