Shimano Grappler PE 0.8 16lb 300m Multi Premium PE Braid


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The Grappler name has become synonymous with quality and strength and the new Grappler PE 8 carrier braid is no different. This is a premium 8 strand braid, designed with saltwater jigging and casting in mind, for catching your PB fish. Sparing no cost, this multi colour PE Braid is made in Japan from 8 high grade IZANAS fibres and incorporates the Shimano exclusive Heat Sink technology that disperses heat across the coating, reducing damage to the line in those long, hard fights. The VT Construction Method enables the fine braid fibres to be woven evenly at all angles, under high tension. This results in a smoother finish, reduced diameter and better knot strength, which aids in all aspects of casting and jigging across all sizes.

VT Construction method for a smoother finish and reduced diameter
Shimano exclusive Heat Sink technology to reduce heat on the line in long fights
Reduced diameter aids in higher knot strength
Designed for saltwater casting and jigging, but suitable for all types of fishing


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