Snowbee Granite PVC Thigh Wader UK #11


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Available in chest, waist and thigh models these budget-priced, booted waders use a ‘Hi-Elastic’ PVC material which provide plenty of give for ease of mobility and wearer comfort. This Lightweight material although not as not as tough as the nylon materials, still offers exceptional value for money. Fitted with a cleated sole, PVC boot and nylon/elastic webbing braces and belt straps, they’re dark green in colour and come with a puncture repair kit.

The new Granite waders use a unique new seam welding technology, where the seams are fused together with an integral tape, using a new sonic Welding process. This leaves the finished seams immensely strong, but also almost completely flush, to avoid any seam-chafe.

Granite PVC Chest Waders
The all-new crossed braces design features our new Snowbee logo elasticated material with a Duraflex rear buckle to hold the braces together and prevent them slipping off you shoulders. Also supplied is an elasticated waist belt, for added safety when deep wading.
Available in sizes *5-13 Colour: Olive Green
Granite PVC Thigh Waders
Ideal for shallow wading, bank fishing with a ¾ length jacket, launching boats or just cleaning out the garden pond.
Available in sizes *USA SIZES 6-13 for UK go down 1 size
Colour: Olive Green


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